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Wonder Woman vs. Goku (Vegeta): Ultra Instinct Considered

Wonder Woman vs. Goku (Vegeta): Ultra Instinct Considered

Wonder Woman and Vegeta are two ultra powerful warriors in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and Dragonball Z franchises. While they descend from powerful lineages, they also possess a common goal: to protect humanity from outside threats.

Despite their shared goals, you may be wondering which one of these heroes is more powerful, and who would defeat the other in a battle. Keep reading for the answer.

Vegeta can take on many powerful forms, but his Super Saiyan Blue Shinka form and Ultra Ego increase his chances of winning this battle. But, though they give him god-like powers to overpower Wonder Woman, she could teleport away and lead him into a trap.

Who is Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman holding her sword and her shield

The daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman (Diana) lived on Themyscira, and she was isolated from the outside world for millennia. Despite her isolation, Zeus conceived Diana hoping that she would defeat her brother, Ares.

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The sheltered Diana started secretly training to become a warrior under her Aunt Antiope, but her mother, who’d objected to the training, found out.

Instead of barring Diana from training under Antiope, Hippolyta relented, and the queen told Antiope to provide her daughter with the best possible training.

When World War I broke out, Diana had an opportunity to face her first test when she met Steve Trevor. Trevor was retreating from an advancing German Army, and following an intense battle, Diana entered the war, fighting for the Allies.

Not long after, Diana realized Ares was the war’s true instigator. Following this revelation, she confronted and dueled her brother, winning the fight and freeing humanity from the conflict.

While Steve and many others she met did not survive the war, Diana continued her pledge to protect the world. She once more lived an isolated life, but she also lived with the purpose of keeping humanity safe.

Who is Vegeta?

Goku utilizing dragon ball

Vegeta is the Saiyan prince and he was once highly antagonistic. However, he possessed so much raw power that Frieza wished to take the Saiyan to be one of his servants.

Vegeta’s dad, King Vegeta, objected, and a battle ensued. The king and his armies did not survive, and the fight resulted in most of the Saiyan race’s destruction.

As one of the few Saiyans that didn’t meet their deaths in the fight, Vegeta believed he would one day become the universe’s most powerful being.

Yet despite his cruelty, arrogant nature, and ambition to achieve power, Vegeta later sought peace and wished to protect the Earth, though he still longed to become more powerful than his rival, Goku.

Wonder Woman’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Wonder Woman statue in her golder armor - Diana Prince poster

Thanks to being Zeus’ daughter, Diana has the abilities of a god. So when you think of the usual superhero traits like super strength, endurance, durability, speed, and reflexes, she has all of them. However, Diana’s strengths go beyond just the basics.

Immortality is another powerful trait which also stems from her lineage. She can teleport in our own dimension, but she can also enter others. Diana can choose to astral project, leaving her body behind while her celestial form explores other dimensions.

If she needs to battle a stronger opponent from a distance, Diana can use her enhanced senses to scope them out.

Surviving in any environment also works in Diana’s favor. If she can withstand the hottest, coldest, and most extreme places on Earth and her opponent struggles, she’s winning every time.

Mind control is another distinguishing power of hers. She can also use magical abilities against an opponent, and even change form to provide an extra layer of intimidation. Best yet, Diana can also withstand magical blasts if another uses them against her.

While Diana’s bracelets limit her overall power, they are elite defense mechanisms. But if she needs a power boost, Wonder Woman can channel it with her mind to match the strength of most opponents.

If she needs reinforcement against an enemy, Diana can resurrect an army to help her fight her battles. She can also subject an enemy to mind control and communicate telepathically.


Wonder Woman’s 10 Biggest Weaknesses

Many of Diana’s strengths can double up as weaknesses. Besides her bracelets limiting her powers, Diana can sometimes find herself succumbing to mind control if an opponent holds such an ability.

Teleportation is another strength that can double as a weakness. The upside is that she can stay at least one step ahead of opponents. But Diana can also get lost between dimensions, and she is prone to losing her abilities if she travels to the wrong one.

Toxins and gasses can overcome Wonder Woman, and the latter can cause hallucinations. She’s also not proficient in defending herself against weapons, whether they are firearms or blades.

Despite her older age, Diana’s lack of knowledge about the world and others could cause her to underestimate opponents. If she does this against the wrong enemy, she will lose every time.

Vegeta’s Strongest Forms and Weaknesses

Strongest Forms

Goku in 3 different transformations

Vegeta’s strengths lie in his transformations. However, some of these transformations wouldn’t work well against someone like Wonder Woman.

If he underestimates her and takes on the Veku or Great Ape forms, he’s not winning this fight. His other forms, however, speak volumes.

Super Saiyan, for example, isn’t anywhere near the top strength-wise, but the form was powerful enough to at least challenge Goku. And if the form gave his rival a run for his money, Vegeta could use that same form against Diana.

Stemming from Super Saiyan, Vegeta can even reach forms like Super Vegeta. However, his strength augments even more when he takes on the Tuffleized Super Saiyan form, and Vegeta has used this one to overpower Goku.

The form could be enough to defeat Diana, but Vegeta’s Super Saiyan II form goes a step further and gives him near god-like ability in throwing punches. Since Diana descends from Zeus, Vegeta could turn to this form in a battle.

Vegeta goes Super Saiyan Blue Evolution for the first time (English Subs)

He can become a Demon Prince, also called Majin, if he needs a boost beyond Super Saiyan II. But if Vegeta had to take his power even further, he could take on Tuffleized Strongest Form 2, making him arguably one of the universe’s most powerful beings.

If that wasn’t enough, Vegeta can ascend into Super Saiyan Blue form. This form is more powerful than those listed above, and Wonder Woman would have a tough time finding an answer to it even if she matched or overpowered his previous forms.

Super Saiyan Blue Shinka is another power Vegeta can use in this fight if all else fails. It’s so strong that Vegeta defeated the God of Destruction, Toppo. Though Diana defeated an equivalent with Ares in the DCEU, this form would give her trouble no matter what.

Ultra Ego could be Vegeta’s strongest form, so much that it surpasses Goku’s Ultra Instinct. If he used this form, then, there is a good chance he can stand up to Diana, even if she travels dimensions or astral projects.


Vegeta - Goku art drawing

Even a character with Vegeta’s powerful forms doesn’t come without weaknesses. His major weakness is arrogance, something he’s struggled with for most of his life, even when seeking peace.

And while he can take on forms to match and perhaps overpower Diana, if his arrogance causes him to underestimate her strengths, even his Ultra Ego form wouldn’t defeat her.

If Vegeta underestimated Wonder Woman and used a lesser powerful form, she could overpower him. If this occurs, he could lose his temper and, by extension, lose focus, and the battle.

Wonder Woman vs. Vegeta – Side-By-Side Comparison

Name Wonder Woman Vegeta
Greatest Strength/Form in This Battle Teleportation Ultra Ego
Greatest Weakness in This Battle Bracelets Arrogance

Wonder Woman vs. Vegeta – Who Would Win?

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) vs Goku (Vegeta)

If Vegeta underestimates Wonder Woman’s god-like abilities, he is losing this fight. And while you’ll find nine powerful forms listed above, Vegeta’s best bet would be to immediately transform into the Ultra Ego form and keep his arrogance at bay.

Not that his other forms would doom him, but Vegeta could find himself at a major disadvantage if he used another form, as Diana could match him in power.

Assuming he takes his Ultra Ego form and keeps a clear head, there is no guarantee Vegeta wins this fight. He would need to account for Diana’s ability to astral project or teleport across dimensions, and if this turns into a chase, Diana is winning this fight.

If Vegeta contains Diana and refuses to let her teleport, he can win since the latter’s bracelets can prevent her from overpowering him.


Vegeta has many strong forms that he can take, so he must realize his Super Saiyan Blue Shinka form is his best bet to overpower Diana. However, even if he takes on this form, he cannot let Wonder Woman teleport.

This battle’s ultimate winner is Diana if Vegeta can’t contain her. But if he prevents her from teleporting, he can win this battle.

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