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Wolverine Pushes Deadpool’s Healing Factor To The Limit

Wolverine Pushes Deadpool’s Healing Factor To The Limit

Wolverine and Deadpool stand out in Marvel’s universe for their incredible healing abilities, wit, and knack for finding themselves in morally complex situations.

In this article, we will explore a significant storyline from ‘Wolverine’ comic issues #21 to #23, where the dynamics between these two characters are put to the test in an intense narrative.

Central to our discussion is the extreme lengths to which Wolverine goes, pushing Deadpool’s healing factor to the limit for survival and escape.

An Alliance Forged in Adversity

In “Wolverine” comic issues #21 to #23, Wolverine is forced to team up with Deadpool for a mission.

Wolverine embarks on a quest to confront the CIA’s anti-mutant division, X-Desk, after discovering they’ve confiscated one of his severed hands.

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Concurrently, Deadpool seeks redemption and a place in X-Force, viewing the mission as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate his worth to Wolverine.

Desperate Measures in Dire Straits

Their fates intertwine when they are captured and betrayed by allies Weasel and Maverick, leading to their imprisonment in an Adamantium cage.

Deadpool and Wolverine are blocked in a cage

This betrayal sets the stage for a desperate need to escape, pushing the boundaries of their partnership and survival skills to the limit.

Wolverine’s decision to slice Deadpool into two, to use one half to throw out in order to reach the cage’s switch, showcases a raw survival tactic that pushes Deadpool’s healing abilities to the limit. 

Deadpool is turning off a switch

This moment highlights not just the physical strain placed on Deadpool but also Wolverine’s tactical yet ruthless approach to leveraging Deadpool’s unique abilities for their mutual escape.

A Terrifying Transformation

Deadpool x Wolverine

Following their escape and during the pursuit of their enemies, Wolverine and Deadpool fall into another trap, leading to an even more gruesome fate.

They are cut to pieces by thousands of special chainsaws, a situation that activates their healing factors in an unprecedented way.

Instead of healing separately, their pieces merge, forming a single entity that combines Deadpool and Wolverine, along with Adamantium rods embedded in their surroundings.

This terrifying transformation creates a grotesque figure, a monstrous amalgamation of flesh and metal, unlike anything seen before in their histories. 

Deadpool and Wolverine are merged into a flesh and metal entity

This visual horror underscores the unpredictable and often terrifying consequences of pushing mutant powers beyond their known limits.

Which Part of Deadpool Will Regenerate if Sliced Horizontally Into Two Pieces?

Deadpool’s regenerative power, one of the most intriguing yet inconsistently depicted abilities in comics, begs a question.

If sliced horizontally, which part regenerates?

Common comic logic suggests Deadpool’s regeneration is brain-guided, implying the top half, housing his head, would regenerate the rest of his body. 

And what about if Deadpool is cut in half vertically?

If you’re curious about the answer, check out our fascinating article here.

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