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Top 10 Iconic Captain America Suits: From Page to Reality

Top 10 Iconic Captain America Suits: From Page to Reality

Have you ever pondered how cool would Captain look like if he stepped out of the Marvel comics?

Today, we’re going to showcase all the instances where Captain America’s suits were brought to life. Stay with us and let everyone know: “How many of these outfits can you spot?”

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Steve Rogers: The Captain of Independence America!?

In the comics, Captain America firstly appeared during the American Revolutionary War.

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Interestingly, he also shares the name Steve Roger. 

Indeed, he is the ancestor of the familiar Steve Rogers from World War II.

However, unlike his descendant, he was merely an ordinary soldier who nonetheless proved to be an inspirational leader.

For his valor, he was honorably dubbed Captain America.

Yet, this Revolutionary War-era Captain Steven Rogers is not recognized as the officially recognized Captain America.

The official title, as you might guess, is held by his grandson.

Steve Rogers: World War 2

The most renowned Captain America is Steve Rogers, who served during World War II.

If you’re familiar with the Captain’s story from the movies, his comic book origin won’t be new to you.

After being turned down by the U.S. Army due to health issues, Steve joined Project Rebirth and received the Super-Soldier Serum from Dr. Erskine.

He has since been the project’s most triumphant case. His title and costume from this era have become the definitive symbols of Captain America in modern pop culture.

From here, we’ll explore various versions of Captain America from the comic book world. So, stay with me, my soldiers!

William Naslund – the Spirit of ’76

In both Marvel comics and movies, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were declared Missing In Action (M.I.A.) during World War II.

However, the US Army required a successor to carry on the title of Captain America as a symbol of hope until the war ended.

Therefore, William Nasland was chosen to become the next Captain America.

Following the disappearance of Rogers and Barnes, President Truman requested Nasland to assume the role and continue the fight for the remainder of the war.

Although he was essentially filling the void left by Steve, the new Captain’s costume was marked by a distinctive Tricorn Hat, replacing the original mask worn by Steve.

Isaiah Bradley

Back to Project Rebirth, following the successful transformation of Steve Rogers, the project continued its experiments.

During this period, the U.S. Army tested the Super-Soldier Serum on 300 Black soldiers, including Isaiah Bradley.

However, during the project’s operation, issues of racism and violence emerged. Ultimately, only 7 black soldiers survived to serve in World War II in 1942.

Subsequently, Bradley was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for stealing a Captain America uniform.

John Walker – US Agent

After Steve Rogers went missing, subsequent Captains America were relatively obscure. Yet, an intriguing figure emerged to take up the shield in Rogers’ absence: John Walker.

Selected by the US Government, Walker presented a unique form of patriotism, albeit with mental instability.

Upon Rogers’ return, he intervened to reclaim the Captain America title from Walker. Subsequently, Walker assumed the role of the US Agent.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier as Captain America

In the 2000s, when everyone thought Steve Rogers died after the Civil War event, Barnes, Steve’s closest companion and being free from Hydra’s mind control, took on the title of the new Captain America.

He joined a secret Avengers team, hiding from SHIELD, and fought in big battles against enemies like Skrull shapeshifters and Asgardian gods. 

About his costume, it was designed by Tony Stark with the color being primarily black. Still, the red and white strike remained with the authentic unbreakable shield given by Steve. 

Sam Wilson – Falcon

When Steve Rogers could no longer serve due to the loss of the Super-Soldier Serum, he gave his legacy to Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, as the “All-New Captain America.” 

After that, Sam updated his Falcon gear, including a unique headpiece from his Falcon outfit, to fit his new role.

Indeed, Sam Wilson became Captain America twice in the comics. The first time was in 1999, due to a crisis of representation. The second time was in 2014, when Rogers aged. 

Besides, Sam took a politically active stance as Captain America, especially in his fight against racism.

This “All-New Captain America” costume is not just any suit; it includes the technologically advanced Falcon wings.

And of course, Steve Rogers also officially handed over the Shield to Sam, symbolizing the transfer of the title authentically.

Captain America 2099

Unlike its MCU partner, the Marvel Comics universe is rich with multiple timelines, each presenting its own unique narrative.

In these alternate or future timelines, the idea of a young woman taking up the title of Captain America is both rare and captivating.

Roberta Mendez, a character in the Spider-Man 2099 comics by Peter David, is the one like that.

Being given the Super-Soldier Serum without her agreement, but accidentally, she developed a distinct type of multiple personality disorder.

Working for Alchemax in her civilian life, Roberta remains oblivious to her alter ego as a superhero.

As Captain America 2099, she has the usual superpowers but is vulnerable to specific trigger words that can control her.

Regarding her costume, as one might expect, it showcases a significantly more futuristic design than Steve’s original outfit (understandably so, given it is the year 2099, not 1945!).

Peggy Carter: Captain America!

Moving on, Peggy Carter might be recognized as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent or even as Captain Britain in “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.”

But what if she had decided to claim the title of her “ex”?

To explore this, Marvel Studios plans to introduce an alternate version of Peggy Carter as Captain America in their “What If?” series.

Interestingly, Marvel Comics had already embraced this idea back in 2018.

In the comics, the Exiles group arrived in a parallel universe where Peggy Carter had been part of Project Rebirth.

They joined forces with her to thwart an attempt by the Red Skull to obliterate her world with an atomic bomb (sounds familiar, right?).

Given the tendency to retain many elements from Steve Rogers’s story, it’s likely that Captain Peggy’s costume would stay true to the original design as much as possible.

Samantha Wilson

Finally, the Spider-Gwen comics introduce a unique version of Captain America: Captain Samantha Wilson.

Wait… Is that Falcon’s daughter?

Actually, her story is quite different. She hails from Earth-65, an alternate reality, where she joined Project Rebirth during World War II.

Tragically, the Nazis launched a devastating attack on Project Rebirth, killing many scientists and test subjects.

With Peggy Carter’s assistance, Wilson braved the perilous process of exposure to Vita-Rays, combined with the Super-Soldier Serum, to emerge with the formidable powers of the de-facto “Captain America.”

So, what do you guys think? Is there any Captain you wanna add to this list? Share with us!

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