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Marvel Hasn’t Introduced The Most Important Multiverse Character Yet

Marvel Hasn’t Introduced The Most Important Multiverse Character Yet

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been all about the multiverse lately, but there’s a key character they still haven’t introduced: Captain Britain.

This character, created by the legendary Chris Claremont, is a cornerstone of Marvel’s multiverse in the comics.

Unlike the brief appearance of Captain Carter in “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” who meets a grim fate with her own shield, the real Captain Britain has deep roots and a significant role that Marvel fans are eager to see on screen.

Captain Britain: Protector of the British Isles

Captain Britain was first introduced in 1976 by Chris Claremont and artist Herb Trimpe for Marvel UK.

Brian Braddock, the most famous Captain Britain, is not alone in his role.

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His twin sister Betsy and other characters like Kelsey Leigh Kirkland have also taken up the mantle.

What makes Captain Britain unique is that the title can be passed on, and each bearer gains magical powers and a duty to protect the British Isles.

The Captain Britain Corps

A standout feature of Captain Britain’s lore is the Captain Britain Corps.

Created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, this group consists of different versions of Captain Britain from across the multiverse.

They protect the gateways between worlds, playing a crucial role in the Marvel multiverse.

The Corps’ stories have significantly shaped how Marvel’s multiverse is understood, even introducing the concept of Universe 616, the primary continuity in Marvel Comics.

After his initial run in Marvel UK comics, Captain Britain gained more popularity in the US through his inclusion in the “Excalibur” series.

This series brought together characters from Marvel UK with popular X-Men characters, solidifying Captain Britain’s place in Marvel lore.

With Betsy Braddock frequently appearing in X-Men stories, it’s clear the Braddocks have strong ties to the mutant community.

Introducing Captain Britain and the Captain Britain Corps into the MCU could provide a powerful force to protect the multiversal borders.

This could help end the chaos caused by characters like Wanda Maximoff and Kang, who have wreaked havoc across dimensions.

Captain Britain could also serve as a bridge, linking the X-Men to the existing MCU heroes for an epic showdown against a major threat.

Henry Cavill as Captain Britain?

Fans have long speculated about Henry Cavill taking on the role of Captain Britain with what has been rumored for a while.

Cavill, famous for his portrayal of Superman, has expressed interest in the character.

He has even seen fan art depicting him as Captain Britain and thinks it would be a cool role to play.

Marvel has hinted at Captain Britain’s significance in the new Ultimate Universe, where he matches up against heavyweights like Thor.

This makes Cavill’s potential casting even more exciting, as it would bring a beloved and powerful character to life.

There is even a teaser of Captain Britain:

CAPTAIN BRITAIN Teaser (2024) With Henry Cavill & Brie Larson

Captain Britain is a pivotal character in Marvel’s multiverse, and his absence in the MCU’s multiverse-focused era is a noticeable gap.

With his rich backstory and critical role in protecting the multiverse, Captain Britain could be a game-changer in future MCU storylines

 Whether Henry Cavill steps into the role or not, fans eagerly await the introduction of this key character.

Until then, we can only imagine the adventures and connections Captain Britain will bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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