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Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: A Showdown Between Two Iconic Warriors!

Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: A Showdown Between Two Iconic Warriors!

Kratos and Wonder Woman have a couple of things in common. For one, they both descend from Zeus, with Kratos being his son in God of War, and Wonder Woman being his daughter in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

They both defeated Ares, and ironically enough, Wonder Woman and Kratos also became brokenhearted and isolated after they prevailed over their antagonistic brother in their respective franchises. So if these two squared off in a fight, who would win?

While Diana and Kratos are both powerful characters, Kratos is only as powerful as the weapons he has in his arsenal. This isn’t always the case with Diana, so if Kratos wanted to win this thing, he would need to have every known weapon at his disposal.

Who is Kratos?

Kratos is the anti-hero in God of War, and like Wonder Woman in the DC Universe, he is the son of Zeus. Thanks to his anti-hero persona, Kratos is mean-spirited, destroying anybody that gets in his way during a battle.

Cratos, the God of Strength: Who Kratos Really is in Greek Mythology - God of War Explained
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As with most heroes and villains in Marvel, DC, or in Kratos’ case, God of War, you will find many storylines regarding him.

For this particular bio, we will use his bio from the video game timeline, where he seeks revenge on Ares, his half-brother, after the god killed his family.

Kratos managed to enact his revenge and defeat Ares, thanks to Zeus’ assistance. However, their alliance was short-lived, as Zeus betrayed Kratos, siphoning his powers.

Thanks to Zeus, Kratos was forced to exist as a demigod, and he turned to the Titans. But they also betrayed Kratos, relegating him to relying on divine weaponry.

He killed the Titans, and after completing mission after mission to face his father, he finally got his opportunity after massacring the gods on Olympus.

Kratos dueled and defeated Zeus. But after he killed his father, he also ended up killing himself.

Who is Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman, or Diana of Themyscira, was born to Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. And long before she helped co-found the Justice League, Diana grew up living a sheltered life, despite the fact Zeus destined her to one day face and defeat her brother, Ares.

Who is Wonder Woman? Her Origins, History & Impact

However, when World War I broke out, she crossed Steve Trevor during one of her training sessions. Steve was trying to retreat from the German Army. A battle erupted, thrusting Diana into the conflict.

Fighting for the Allied Powers, Diana realized Ares was the one behind the war. She faced off with her brother, and he confirmed that she was the God Killer and that all along, she was to fulfill her purpose to face off and defeat him.

The two battled, and Diana won. But thanks to the war, Diana lost everyone she’d grown close to, including Steve. This led her to live an isolated life, but she still intended to serve humanity and defend them against any emerging threat.

Kratos’ Strengths and Weaknesses


Shapeshifting is perhaps Kratos’ best ability, because he can gain strength as he shapeshifts. Kratos has also mastered several weapons, and they can allow him to control the elements at an advanced level.

Just How Powerful is KRATOS? | God of War | Gaming Lore

With the Gauntlet of Zeus, for example, the God of Strength can control Thunder, he can manipulate air with Typhon’s Bane, and the Nemesis Whip lets him control electricity.

What’s more? Kratos can even control shadows with Umbrakinesis via the Scourge of Erinys. This ability can confuse any opponent, even one like Wonder Woman, whose enhanced senses can often see through such manipulation.

But his knowledge and mastery of such weapons don’t limit him to the elements. The Claw of Hades and Blades of Exile are two more notable weapons at his disposal.

And if that wasn’t enough, objects like the Oath of Orkos also unleash special abilities. The Oath lets him fly, and the Chains of Olympus even allow him to control light.

Kratos can also call upon dead armies to help him fight his battles. So if he’s in a deadlock against an opponent, or if they gain the upper hand, Kratos can just use Necrokinesis with the Claws of Hades.

If the armies he resurrects can’t cut it, Kratos can also call on animal reinforcements. He can’t resurrect animals, but he can evoke mind control powers on them.

The God of War can resurrect himself, duplicate objects with the Oath of Orkos, and even fly.


Kratos- God of war

Despite his overall strengths, you may have noticed something about them: Kratos can only utilize most of his abilities if he has the appropriate weapons. If not, this demi-god has little to offer, and he can lose a battle in seconds.

Ares once used heightened senses to defeat Kratos, and since it’s also one of Wonder Woman’s strengths, she can use the same power against him.

Mind control can stump Kratos, and opponents have manipulated him in the past. Magic, and particularly illusions, can also weaken Kratos.

Ditto for his own rage, so if Wonder Woman can make the God of War angry enough, she can win this one.

Wonder Woman’s Strengths and Weaknesses


DCU Wonder Woman

As the daughter of Zeus, Diana inherited many strengths associated with superheroes, like ungodly strength, speed, and reflexes. But she can also control electricity, and if an enemy isn’t ready for her electrical blasts, it’s game over.

She can also transform her physique and turn into a magician, evoking magical powers to gain an advantage over anyone she’s fighting. And while some who can manipulate magic are simultaneously weak to it, Wonder Woman can resist most forms.

If Diana faces a more powerful opponent and needs a boost in strength to defeat them, she can channel it with her mind. Oh, and remember when we said Kratos could resurrect armies? Wonder Woman can do the same.

Diana can also astral project, and it gives her a massive advantage when she wants to locate an opponent while minimizing the chances of them spotting her. She can also teleport away from them if she has to and scope them out with enhanced senses.

And if she couldn’t evoke any of the above powers to overpower and defeat an opponent, Wonder Woman could just travel through a few dimensions and let them hunt for her. This could allow her to lure a stronger enemy into a trap and defeat them.


Wonder Woman’s 10 Biggest Weaknesses

Despite her many strengths, Wonder Woman has a few weaknesses that could cost her in a battle against Kratos. Her bracelets, while they can repel bullets and other attacks, also prevent her from using her powers to their fullest.

Diana is prone to being brainwashed and subjected to mind control. Various weapons can also slow her down, whether they are firearms or piercing weapons.

While teleporting across dimensions is a huge strength of hers, it’s also a high-risk move and there is a chance she could wind up lost in the wrong dimension. Or, worse yet, she could end up in a place that siphons her powers.

Kratos vs. Wonder Woman – Side-By-Side Comparison

Hero/Anti-Hero Wonder Woman Kratos
Greatest Strength in This Battle Magical Powers Weapons Mastery
Biggest Weakness in This Battle Bracelets may not be strong enough to defeat Kratos. Lack of powers without specific weapons can hold him back.

Kratos vs. Wonder Woman – Who Would Win?

Wonder Woman has a huge advantage in this one because her powers aren’t fully at the mercy of the weapons she wields, unlike Kratos. So if the God of War showed up to this battle empty-handed, Diana is winning this one.

However, if Kratos came with a weapons arsenal, he would make this an interesting fight. The only issue, however, is that Diana would figure out that he’s weak to magic, and that would spell the end of him.

But if Kratos knew about Diana’s ability to manipulate magic, then he’d be ready and likely call on an army to take her on. But Wonder Woman can do the same, which would turn this one-on-one battle into an all-out military brawl, with living and dead soldiers fighting one another.

However, if Diana’s side loses, she only needs to teleport to avoid Kratos and his cronies. And since she can travel through dimensions, it wouldn’t be long until she traps and systemically defeats them, ultimately facing, and defeating, Kratos.


Wonder Woman is clearly the stronger of the two, because weapons will always limit Kratos to what he can do thanks to Zeus taking his godly powers in the God of War game.

This isn’t the case with Diana to the same extent, and even if Kratos showed up with his weapons, her magic would be too much for him to handle. Even if he could contain Diana’s magic, he would still have no answer for her mind control.

Kratos could try calling on his armies, but even this wouldn’t work, as Diana’s ability to teleport between dimensions would lead to their, and his, ultimate defeat.

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