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Is Wonder Woman Bulletproof or Indestructible?

Is Wonder Woman Bulletproof or Indestructible?

Wonder Woman is the greatest female superhero in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), with strength and combat abilities that put her on an even playing field with Superman.

Fans know her as an Amazon demigoddess with many impressive powers; but is she bulletproof or indestructible?

The comic book versions of Wonder Woman show that she is not bulletproof. She can be killed not only by bullets, but also by bladed weapons and explosives. However, the DCEU version of Wonder Woman is more durable than her comic counterparts.

What Are Wonder Woman’s Strengths and Powers?

Wonder Woman riding an iron horse

Wonder Woman is the daughter of an Amazon queen and a Greek god. As such, she is both a warrior princess and a demigoddess.

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Due to this incredible heritage, she has many powers and abilities that make her one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe.

She has many of the classic superhero powers, like superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, agility, durability, and a long life.

Additionally, she is trained in hand to hand combat and skilled with many different weapons.

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth enables her to bind opponents to her will and forces them to tell the truth. Her Bracelets of Submission let her block bullets and create shields against explosions.

The tiara can be used as a boomerang-like weapon, and her earrings even let her breathe in space.

With all of these powers and abilities, Wonder Woman is nearly unbeatable.

Is Wonder Woman Bulletproof?

Wonder Woman self-defense posing against a gun

Even the greatest superheroes are not without flaws and vulnerabilities. For all of her powers, Wonder Woman is not bulletproof. At least, as far as we know.

Comic book fans are well aware that Wonder Woman isn’t bulletproof. She can be injured and even killed by bullets. This is why she uses her bracelets to deflect bullets and other projectiles.

That said, the New 52 version of the character got a makeover, as did the one played by Gal Gadot in the DC Extended Universe films.

Whereas before, she was merely an Amazon warrior, these later versions of her character turned her into a demigoddess and gave her additional powers that she did not have previously.

Given that she is the daughter of Zeus and has displayed incredible abilities, it would only make sense for her to be bulletproof. If Zeus destined her to become the God-Killer and defeat Ares in battle, why then, would she not be bulletproof?

And yet, she continues to use her bracelets to deflect bullets, which implies that she is not bulletproof.

Of course, there may be other reasons for this.

When she witnessed other Amazons being killed by German fire on the beaches of Themyscira, she learned to fear the flying projectiles. Shortly thereafter, she learned she could block them with her bracelets.

Themyscira - The Beach Battle | Wonder Woman [4k, HDR]

It’s possible that, since she is more than your average Amazon, her skin is bulletproof–but she doesn’t know it because she always uses her bracelets to deflect gunfire.

Another explanation could be that, even if she is bulletproof, she will continue to block bullets with her bracelets because this is her signature move. It looks cool, and if generations of comic book fans and moviegoers associated the move with Wonder Woman–why change that?

So, the DCEU version of Wonder Woman could be more bulletproof than other versions of the character; but we may never know for sure because she will likely keep blocking bullets using her bracelets, as she has always done.

Is Wonder Woman Indestructible?

marvel heroes - wonder woman bronze statue

In most versions of the comics, Wonder Woman is not portrayed as indestructible. She can be killed by bullets, arrows, explosives, and bladed weapons.

It is unclear whether this holds true for the DCEU version of Wonder Woman. Her aunt, Antiope, sacrificed herself to save Diana during the beach battle with the Germans, which implies that she at least believed the demigoddess could be killed.

What’s more, Wonder Woman is sometimes seen with minor injuries following her battles, which implies that she can be wounded, if not killed.

So, despite her status as a warrior princess and demigoddess, it appears she is not quite as durable as many superheroes. She may be hard to beat and harder to kill, but she is not indestructible.

Is Wonder Woman Unbeatable?

Wonder Woman statue - Wonder Woman poster

Wonder Woman does suffer defeats from time to time, especially in the comics. She has even been killed off on occasion.

In the comics and the movies, she has been defeated and taken captive. In the comics, this is even portrayed as a weakness, as being held captive by men causes her to lose her powers.

Her own Lasso of Truth can be used against her if an opponent figures out how to get it away from her.

Even her own powers could defeat her if her bracelets were removed. In addition to blocking bullets, the bracelets hold her powers in check; if they were removed, she would have more power flowing through her than she can control, and it would drive her insane.

So, there are many ways in which Wonder Woman can be defeated. She has many great powers and rarely loses a battle, but she is not unbeatable.


Wonder Woman is not bulletproof or indestructible. It is uncertain whether this holds true for Gal Gadot’s version of the character in the DCEU, but the comic books have repeatedly established that the Amazonian princess can be both injured and killed.

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