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How “What If” Ruined Thanos

How “What If” Ruined Thanos

Marvel’s “What If” has been a wild ride through the multiverse, giving us a glimpse into the alternate fates of our favorite characters.

But there’s one character whose alternate paths have left fans scratching their heads – Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Let’s talk about how “What If” weakened a villain who once made the Avengers tremble.

Thanos’ Surprising Shift in “What If”

Remember when Thanos was the biggest, most powerful guy in the universe?

The dude who took down the Hulk without breaking a sweat, made a godlike Thor scream, and crushed Vibranium, one of the most durable materials in the universe, as if it were a soda can?

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That’s the Thanos we signed up for. But “What If” turned the tables on him in ways that are hard to reconcile with his MCU powerhouse status.

Defeated By His Children

In the “What If” series, we witness a different side of Thanos—a side where he isn’t the all-powerful titan we’ve come to know, and to our surprise, the Mad Titan is now persuaded by T’challa and leans towards the good side.

In season 1, episode 2, the Mad Titan we once feared is now unexpectedly taken down by his own Black Order.

Meanwhile, in the epic narratives we’re used to, Thanos instilled fear even in his closest followers, but here, his two most loyal children from the main MCU seem to have forgotten that fear and defeated him with ease.

Thanos vs. The Black Order, Nebula Saves Thanos Scene - What If Episode 2

Vision + Ultron: A Cut Too Clean

Continuing this trend, in episode 8 of the same season, Thanos faces Ultron.

With only one Infinity Stone – the Mind Stone, Ultron slices through Thanos, who possesses five stones, as if he’s cutting through butter.

This raises eyebrows for fans—how did the Titan, who once seemed invincible with even a single stone, fall so swiftly?

Ultron Kills Thanos, Takes The Infinity Stones Scene - What If Episode 8

“What If” Season 2: A Swift and Surprising Downfall for Thanos

Season 2 doesn’t let up on the trend of cutting Thanos down to size.

Episode 2 shocks us when Thanos is quickly dispatched by Gamora, wielding a weapon we’ve seen before – the Melting Staff.

Despite his mighty claims and history, his demise comes almost too easily, lacking the grandiose battle one would expect from a being of his caliber.

Tony held the staff out of sight as he walked behind Gamora, she pretended Tony was her captive in front of Thanos.

In a quick move, Tony tossed the staff to Gamora when she jumped at Thanos, and she plunged it right into his chest. That move was the brief end of Thanos.

Iron Man and Gamora Kills Thanos | What If? Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Scene

The season’s episode 9 features Thanos falling victim to Killmonger’s schemes.

Armed with all six Infinity Stones, Killmonger effortlessly ends the Titan without doing anything more than a snap (despite Thanos having all six Infinity Stones at the time too).

The irony of Thanos falling to the snap was not lost on us, but it still felt like a cheap shot for someone who was once the endgame himself.

Killmonger Kills Thanos - Captain Carter Got Infinity Armor | What if Season 2 Episode 9

The MCU Thanos: The Inevitable Force We All Know

Kick Hulk in the Ass

Switching gears, let’s recall the Thanos that left us in awe within the main MCU timeline.

Remember the sheer might he displayed in his opening scene?

Defeating Hulk with his bare hands, Thanos set a tone for unbridled strength, making it clear that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Hulk vs Thanos - Fight Scenes - Avengers Infinity War HD Clip

Torture Thor & Kill Loki

His power wasn’t just brute strength; it was also the fear he commanded.

He brought the mighty Thor to his knees, ended Loki’s mischief once and for all, and shattered the seemingly indestructible Vibranium body of Vision with frightening ease.

Each of these actions echoed the same message: Thanos was unstoppable.

Thanos Tortures Thor Scene - Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie Clip HD
Loki Death Scenes - Thanos Kills Loki - Avengers Infinity War Scenes

Break the Vibranium Material

In a harrowing display of raw power, Thanos shattered expectations along with Vision’s forehead, composed of Vibranium—one of the universe’s hardest materials, with just his bare hand to take out the Mind Stone.

This act was not just a demonstration of his brute strength, but also a symbolic gesture that no matter how durable the obstacle, it could not withstand the force of his resolve.

Thanos Kills Vision Scene - Thanos Uses Time Stone - Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Movie Clip

Thanos’ overwhelming strength is further illustrated in the climactic battles of “Endgame,” where he shatters Captain America’s shield.

This iconic shield, also made of Vibranium and previously thought to be nearly indestructible, falls to pieces under Thanos’ relentless assault.

The image of the fractured shield serves as a stark testament to Thanos’ incredible might, as he breaks through what was once a symbol of ultimate resilience and protection.

Thanos Breaks Cap's Shield Scene : Avengers Endgame(2019)

Solo With the Trio Avengers

The battle on Titan stands as a testament to Thanos’ might in the MCU.

Facing the likes of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man simultaneously, he wasn’t just holding his ground—he was dominating.

This is the Thanos that would go down in history, not for his words, but for his uncompromising force and the destiny he believed he was fulfilling.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) - ''A Valiant Effort'' | Movie Clip HD

Even when the Avengers threw everything they had at him, Thanos was unyielding.

The Mad Titan’s strength was such that every move he made and every line he spoke became iconic.

He wasn’t just a character; he was a cinematic event, shaping the face of a saga we’d follow for years.

Last Words

The power scale in “What If” is as unpredictable as the spin of a roulette wheel.

Thanos, with all his might and strategic acumen, falling so easily to such a variety of fates seems inconsistent at best, especially when we know what he’s capable of in the MCU.

In reflection, the “What If” series takes bold strides in reimagining characters, and Thanos is no exception.

While it’s all part of the exploration of possibilities, one can’t help but miss the imposing figure who once declared, “I am inevitable.

Whether this softer portrayal takes away from his character, or simply gives us a new angle to ponder, is up to individual fans to decide.

But one thing is for certain—Thanos of the MCU left boots too big for any variant to fill.

Do you think Thanos should be that weak in the “What If” series so that we can explore other characters’ capabilities?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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