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How Spiderman Humiliates the Avengers in the Comic

How Spiderman Humiliates the Avengers in the Comic

In the world of Marvel Universe, heroes often find themselves in battles of epic proportions, but none so intriguing as when they face off against each other.

This is precisely the scene set in Marvel Comics’ “All-Out Avengers” issue #5, where Spider-Man, the beloved webslinger from New York, takes on the mighty Avengers.

The premise is as unexpected as it is thrilling, with a mix of misunderstanding and manipulation leading to a showdown that tests the bounds of heroism and strategy.

A Misunderstanding Among Heroes

Spider-Man Humbles The Avengers

The story unfolds with a dangerous misunderstanding.

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Spider-Man discovers a device called the Memory Resequencer, created by the Grand Manipulator, which possesses the power to control minds.

Believing he can neutralize this threat with the help of his friend, Professor Crassus, Spider-Man’s intentions are misunderstood by the Avengers.

They think Spider-Man himself is under the device’s control, leading to an inevitable clash between the lone hero and the powerful team.

Spider-Man’s Tactical Genius Unleashed

Spider-man vs Thor

Spider-Man’s encounters with the Avengers showcase not just his physical agility but his quick thinking and strategic planning.

Each battle, from a face-off with Iron Man to a tactical dodge from Captain Marvel, highlights Spider-Man’s understanding of his opponents and his reluctance to cause them real harm.

For instance, when Spider-Man faces Iron Man, Spider-Man employs EMP webbing to incapacitate Iron Man’s armor, showcasing his preparation and non-lethal approach to conflict.

Spider-man vs Ironman

His encounters with She-Hulk and Captain Marvel further highlight his agility and quick thinking, as he evades brute force and silences with well-placed webbing.

Spider-man vs Captain Marvel

Spider-Man’s strategic prowess is on full display as he tactically outmaneuvers the combined forces of Blade, Black Panther, and Captain America, using his environment and agility to stand his ground.

The climax of the story reveals Spider-Man’s true victory, which was never about physical dominance but strategic foresight. 

By entrusting a bike messenger with the delivery of the Memory Resequencer to Professor Crassus, Spider-Man outsmarts the Avengers.

He uses the confrontation as a distraction, ensuring the device’s safe delivery and its subsequent neutralization.

This move not only showcases Spider-Man’s intelligence but also his commitment to saving the city and his friends, even at the risk of being misunderstood and standing alone against a team of heroes.

Overthrowing the Grand Manipulator

Spider-man and Avengers

Finally, when Spider-Man and all the members of the Avengers gather at Professor Crassus’s lab, they encounter a shocking twist: Professor Crassus’s body has been possessed by the Grand Manipulator. 

He had used the Memory Resequencer to tamper with the Avengers’ memories, causing their frequent episodes of amnesia throughout the series, which led to earlier conflicts between Spider-Man and other Avengers members.

Now, with the Memory Resequencer in hand, the Grand Manipulator claims he will use it once again to take control of all the Avengers’ minds and force them to kill each other.

However, in another plot twist, Spider-Man, having anticipated this, had already modified the Memory Resequencer. 

So, when the Grand Manipulator attempts to operate it, the device backfires, leading to the Grand Manipulator’s destruction and his expulsion from Professor Crassus’s body.

This outcome showcases the depth of Spider-Man’s strategic mind, as his foresight and trust in others dismantle the villain’s control and save the day.

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