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How Did Loki Kid Kill Thor in the MCU?

How Did Loki Kid Kill Thor in the MCU?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Thor shines as an unbeatable and beloved hero, a shocking twist hits the fans hard: Kid Loki claims he’s killed Thor.

This revelation shakes up everything, challenging Thor’s strength and stirring the pot on the brothers’ complex bond.

Are you ready to dive into this mind-bending twist? Hold on, because this story is about to take us on a wild ride through the heart of Marvel’s most intriguing drama.

How Could a “Kid” Achieve the Unthinkable?

The question arises: How could Kid Loki accomplish what no other Loki could? Thor, after all, is not just any god but one of immense power and strength.

The theory that emerges is as cunning as it is heartbreaking, rooted deeply in the complex relationship between the two Asgardian brothers.

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Recall a story from their childhood, shared in “Thor: Ragnarok,” where Loki transformed into a snake—a creature Thor adored—only to transform back and startle Thor.

Thor Explains How Loki Turned Into A Snake And Tried To Kill Him

It was a prank, emblematic of Loki’s trickster nature, yet it revealed a deeper affection, a mischievous way of expressing love. But what if, in a parallel universe, this prank had a fatal outcome?

A Prank Gone Wrong

The theory suggests that Kid Loki’s fatal prank involved the Leviathan Blade, a symbol of his fascination with knives and daggers.

Perhaps, in an attempt to surprise or scare Thor with the blade, Kid Loki had struck a vital point, leading to Thor’s untimely death.

This act would have represented a significant deviation from the sacred timeline, where Thor plays a crucial role.

Kid Loki Killed Thor [4K] | Loki Episode 5 - Loki 1x05

A Nexus Event and Its Consequences

Thor’s death at the hands of his brother would have undoubtedly caused a massive nexus event.

After the incident, Kid Loki was pruned by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and sent to the Void, a desolate end-of-time wasteland where pruned variants of characters end up.

Here, Kid Loki rises to become a leader among the variants, suggesting that he has spent a significant amount of time in this limbo.

The character of Loki has always been defined by his duality—capable of both mischief and malice.

The idea that Kid Loki could accidentally kill his brother adds a layer of tragedy to his character. It highlights the unintended consequences of his trickster nature and the heavy burden of guilt he must carry.

Last Words

While the MCU has yet to confirm the exact details of how Kid Loki killed Thor, the theory based on a childhood prank provides a plausible and thematically consistent explanation.

It underscores the inherent danger in Loki’s antics and the profound impact his actions have on his destiny and the fabric of the MCU.

This article is based on fan theories and interpretations of events in the MCU and is not an official account of the storyline.

Currently, there are no comics or films that depict Kid Loki killing Thor. For a deeper exploration of Kid Loki’s character and his adventures, consider watching the video below for additional insights.

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