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Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar

Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar

Ghost Rider and Lucifer are two of the most powerful demonic heroes in Marvel and DC, respectively. However, they approach their fights differently, with Ghost Rider taking a more aggressive stance, while Lucifer is more conniving.

So if these two entities met in a battle, who would win? Keep reading to find out.

Ghost Rider has the ability to make others feel pain for the sins they committed, while Lucifer Morningstar can create cycles of torment on his opponents. While Ghost Rider can consume one’s soul, Lucifer can keep this attack at bay through his ability to control demons.

Who is Ghost Rider?

Ghost Rider - skull face in fire

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze, as we will call him in this bio) spent most of his early life taking part in stunt shows–first with his parents, Barton Blaze and Naomi Kale, and later with his adopted family, Crash and Monica Simpson.

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When Crash was diagnosed with cancer, Blaze developed an interest in the occult, and he made a deal with the demon Mephisto to cure his adopted father.

However, Crash died in a stunt not long after. Upon Blaze confronting Mephisto, the demon claimed that the deal was for Crash to survive cancer, not to continue living.

When Crash’s daughter, Roxanne, confessed her love to Blaze, the act forced Mephisto to retreat. However, Mephisto had already fused the demon Zarathos with Blaze, transforming the latter into Ghost Rider.

Who is Lucifer Morningstar?

Beyond Omega Level: Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar (originally known as Samael) was once one of God’s sons, but he rebelled when his dad started to create the human species. Because of his jealousy, God cast him from Heaven.

In ancient times, he met Lillith, created an army, and presided over a society of demons, who he ruled for millennia. During his rule, he met and befriended many corrupt historical figures before deciding to settle on Earth.

Lucifer moved to Los Angeles, where he became a nightclub owner and a civilian consultant for the LAPD.

Ghost Rider’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Ghost Rider’s motorcycle is considered his weapon of choice, given its ability to spit flames and outmaneuver pretty much anything and anyone. With it, there is hardly a soul Johnny Blaze can’t beat, even the strongest opponents.

Ghost Rider motorcycle

The bike is just one relic that Blaze uses, as he also wields a chain that he can transform into an array of weapons. If he wants to use it to unleash his trademark flames, Ghost Rider can, but he can also use the chain as a staff, among other weapons.

He can manipulate sins and souls by looking into and absorbing them. If he consumes sins, Blaze’s actions could lead his opponent into suffering an emotional breakdown.

But if he absorbs their soul, he leaves nothing more than a lifeless shell that used to be an opponent.

Besides his bike and chain, Blaze also has superhuman abilities like strength, speed, durability, agility, self-healing, and immortality.

His ability to summon, configure, and project fire can cause pain to any opponent, but if Blaze unleashes his Penance Stare, even the most cold-hearted supervillains will regret their sins given the agony they will feel.

Ghost Rider riding his motorcycle out of a fire

Supernatural awareness could be one of Johnny Blaze’s most distinguished strengths, as it alerts him the second danger lurks nearby. This would give Blaze an immediate leg up in a fight, as he would have more prep time as opposed to if he didn’t possess the ability.


Nicolas Cage (Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider) in Madame Tussauds Wax museum

Ghost Rider can’t use his abilities inside a church or any sacred place. Doing so forces him to return to his Johnny Blaze form, and his powers diminish.

Blaze has remarkable regenerating powers, but if he’s hit hard enough, an opponent can at least stagger him for a few seconds. This could give them enough time to land a finishing blow on Blaze, but they need to be quick.

Celestial beings can be strong enough to defeat Johnny Blaze. While this gives him an advantage over heroes like the Hulk, Spider-Man, or Iron Man, he would have a tough time taking on those like Thor or Scarlet Witch, and even Lucifer.

Lucifer Morningstar’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Lucifer: All powers from the TV series

Lucifer Morningstar has super strength, speed, healing, invulnerability, and durability. As an archangel, Lucifer can also fly, and this ability enhances his already superior speed.

Besides these basics, angelic attraction could be his most distinguished power.

This lets him lure anyone, friend or enemy, his way. In a battle, he could hoodwink an adversary and immediately swoop in for an easy victory.

Lucifer can also coerce anyone into telling him anything. During a fight, he can use this tactic on an opponent to make them confess exactly how they plan on destroying him.

This would force an opponent to improvise for a new way to gain the upper hand, and that would give Lucifer prep time to overpower an enemy and win.

He can also tempt an opponent into doing anything he wants them to, which gives him a major advantage if he’s facing a powerful opponent.

He’s strong enough to control any demon he wants, going as far as to freeze them or order them to torment others. Morningstar can also create new cycles of torment, forcing victims to relive their worst moments day in and day out.

Lucifer can also shapeshift into his devil form, and while this power doesn’t physically give him an advantage over an opponent, he could use it as an intimidation tactic to throw them off their game.

If this occurs, Lucifer can use his opponent’s split second of fear and hesitation to defeat them with his super strength.


If someone he cares about is nearby, like Chloe Decker, Lucifer can be vulnerable. But if no one else is around during a one-on-one battle against someone like Ghost Rider, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Lucifer tells Chloe she makes him vulnerable [subtitles], 4K 2160p, Lucifer S04 E02, HQ

However, his vulnerability to angelic weapons can give an opponent a huge advantage over Lucifer. And while Ghost Rider is by no means an angel, demonic weapons can also destroy Lucifer, and that could play into Johnny Blaze’s hands.

Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar: Side-By-Side Comparison

Name Ghost Rider Lucifer Morningstar
Biggest Strength in This Battle Penance Stare Controlling Demons
Biggest Weakness in This Battle Weak against supernatural beings Vulnerable even to demonic weapons

Ghost Rider vs. Lucifer Morningstar: Who Wins?

Ghost Rider versus Lucifer Morningstar

You’re getting two demonic figures with completely different fighting styles. Ghost Rider has an array of weapons to use against Lucifer, but the latter can use his ability to charm anyone into doing his bidding.

In this fight, look for Blaze to use his aggression, but expect Lucifer to counter with his cunning ways to gain the early advantage.

Since Johnny Blaze is fused with Zarathos, he’s vulnerable to Lucifer’s control. This would prevent Ghost Rider from using any weapon that could harm or even kill Lucifer.

Ghost Rider would be vulnerable to using a weapon, like the chain, on himself. In short, once Lucifer takes control of Ghost Rider’s mind, this one is over.


While Ghost Rider has an array of demonic powers that would let him defeat nearly anyone in the Marvel or DC Universes, he’s not powerful enough to take on the Devil.

When you look at Lucifer’s strengths at first glance, he appears weaker than the average hero. And to him, that’s okay, because it’s exactly what he wants his opponents to think.

While angels and other holy creatures could defeat him, or even gods like Thor, there isn’t a single demon out there who can overpower him. Unfortunately for Ghost Rider, he’s part demon, and this battle would be over shortly after it begins.

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