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Does Wonder Woman Like Batman or Superman?

Does Wonder Woman Like Batman or Superman?

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman–these three superheroes have been staples of the DC Universe from the very beginning.

They have long and sometimes complicated histories together, and many fans wondered about their relationships. Does Wonder Woman have feelings for Batman or Superman? Has she ever been in a relationship with either of them?

Different portrayals of Wonder Woman showed her liking both Batman and Superman. Overall, she has a stronger connection with Superman. Wonder Woman has also been shown having relationships with a variety of other DC characters through the years.

Does Wonder Woman Like Batman?

This question doesn’t have a straightforward yes or no answer.

A romance between Batman and Wonder Woman is hinted at throughout comics and in some of their movie appearances, but for the most part, their relationship is never developed outside of the animated Justice League series.

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Throughout various versions of the comics, the two characters are seen sharing a kiss, which sometimes leads them to engage in brief relationships with each other. Sometimes, they only share their feelings when facing certain death.

Usually, these relationships don’t work out for various reasons–because they each have other partners or because they are too different.

It is often Batman who has feelings for Wonder Woman and not always the other way around. At times, however, there is notable sexual tension and attraction on both sides. Wonder Woman tends to consider Batman too dark for her liking, but also kind.

If anything, she is attracted to him despite not liking him at times–or, you might say she finds herself liking him against her will. In some of these comic book adaptations, she ends up with deeper feelings of care and respect for him.

Does Wonder Woman Like Superman?

Throughout the comics, Wonder Woman is more often involved with Superman than Batman. Their attraction makes sense because they can understand each other, they have similar origins and backstories, and similar powers. They are equal in many ways.

Wonder Woman meets Superman! - Justice League: War (2014) - Movie Clip HD

Of course, their mutual attraction is complicated by the fact that they each have significant others–Superman has Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman has Steve Trevor. For this reason, they are often portrayed as having on again, off again relationships.

Sometimes their romantic attachments form in versions of the comics where Steve and Lois died or are otherwise out of picture. In a few of these versions, Superman and Wonder Woman even get married and have children.

Though they are not always together, and sometimes refrain from starting a relationship despite their feelings, they seem to keep going back to each other and ending up together.

Fans agree that they seem to have a deeper connection than Wonder Woman and Batman do, probably due to their similarities and mutual understanding.

Who Are Wonder Woman’s Other Love Interests?

Wonder Woman has had relationships with a multitude of characters throughout her time in the comics.

She is officially listed as being bisexual and, as such, has had relationships with men and women. Some of the most notable of these relationships are discussed below.

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s most well-known love interest, as he makes the most appearances throughout the comics and movies.

Wonder Woman | Diana Meets Steve | ClipZone: Heroes & Villains

A soldier fighting in World War I, Steve is the first man Wonder Woman ever encounters. He often dies, but is sometimes resurrected or brought back magically, as was the case in Wonder Woman 1984.

Steve is sometimes depicted as male damsel-in-distress that Wonder Woman looks after. Other times, he is shown as a friend or comrade instead of a love interest.

Regardless, he almost always plays a large part in Wonder Woman’s life and is considered her main love interest throughout various depictions.


Kaisa was Wonder Woman’s main love interest before she left her home to join the war effort. A fellow Amazon warrior, Kaisa didn’t want Wonder Woman, then known only as Diana, to leave Themyscira with Steve.

Wonder Woman (2017) - Leaving Themyscira [720p HD]

Kaisa is recognized as Wonder Woman’s first female partner in the comics. However, their relationship was more subtle than many of Diana’s other relationships and left much to reader’s interpretation.


Another Amazon warrior, Mala is considered to be Wonder Woman’s other main female lover. Again, not a whole lot has been made of their relationship, which has a more subtle portrayal than some of Wonder Woman’s other relationships.

Mala was nearly equal with Diana in terms of skill and combat ability. She was upset when Diana left Themyscira with Steve and worked hard to bring her back home.

Keith Griggs

Wonder Woman had a short and complicated relationship with Keith Griggs while experiencing relationship trouble with Steve Trevor. The three of them worked together during World War I.

Diana and Keith became close, but their relationship didn’t work out–he loved Diana but did not like her Wonder Woman side. So she returned to Steve and worked things out with him.

Trevor Barnes

Wonder Woman quickly fell in love with Trevor Barnes, a human rights activist. Though he felt she was out of his league, they went on a date and formed a close bond.

However, due to outside circumstances, they decided it was best to remain friends rather than pursue a romantic relationship.

Trevor was later killed, leaving Wonder Woman grief-stricken.



Wonder Woman is sometimes shown to have relationships with Aquaman, despite the latter being married to the Sea Queen Mera.

In one version of the comics, Mera confronts Wonder Woman after discovering she and Aquaman were having an affair. In the ensuing conflict, Wonder Woman kills Mera.

Wonder Woman vs Queen Mera | Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This leads to a messy war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman which wreaks havoc and devastation throughout the Earth.


Wonder Woman is most often connected with Steve Trevor, but has had many other relationships throughout the comics with both men and women.

She does seem to like both Batman and Superman and has been shown to have feelings for both at different times and in different comics.

Of the two, she seems to have a deeper connection with Superman and is more often portrayed to have a real relationship with him than with Batman.

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