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Did Ahsoka Tano Ever Fall in Love? Hint: Lux Bonteri

Did Ahsoka Tano Ever Fall in Love? Hint: Lux Bonteri

Ahsoka Tano has grown into a popular Star Wars character. She became well-known in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels programs and has a new show planned about her.

Many fans became fond of this character because of her fighting skills and charisma. If you are one of them, you may have wondered if Ahsoka Tano ever fell in love.

The answer corresponds with the above hint, Lux Bonteri, who is the main love interest. Yet, whether it amounts to love is a matter of perspective.

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano defeating imperial stormtroopers with her lightsabers

Ahsoka Tano is a force-sensitive former Padawan who helped fight against the Empire. Jedi Master Plo Koon first discovered Tano, of the Togruta species on the planet Shili and brought her to the Jedi Temple for training.

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Tano was an apprentice under Anakin Skywalker and she became a commander in the Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In both roles, Tano displayed independence, leadership, and the ability to take on villains like General Grievous and Cad Bane.

However, once Tano was framed for bombing the Jedi Temple hangar, she became disillusioned with the Jedi, even after they cleared her name.

Ahsoka then emerged as a Force-Sensitive Outcast who rejected both the Jedi and Sith. She had Force powers and a lightsaber, but worked independently and still fought against the Empire.

Ahsoka took on a leading role in The Clone Wars, which depicts her time serving under Anakin, the battles she fought, and the friendships she developed.

a scene from Star Wars The Clone Wars showing Jedi Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano with lightsabers drawn ready for action

Rebels showcase her time after leaving the Jedi Order and supporting the Rebellion. Both animated series brought her acclaim among Star Wars fans.

Because of her popularity, the live-action series Ahsoka is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ later this year. Ahsoka is among several Star Wars projects in the works and is expected to reveal more about this character’s development, along with intersections with The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Who Was Lux Bonteri?

Lux Bonteri followed in his mother’s path and became a senator from the planet Onderon. Beforehand, Mina Bonteri aligned with the Separatist Alliance, and the family moved to the capital Raxus Secundus.

Lux became acquainted with Ahsoka Tano when she came with Padme Amidala on a peace mission to Raxus Secundus. Lux and Ahsoka exchanged views and expressed distrust about the Jedi and Separatists, respectively.

In this scene from Season 3 of The Clone Wars, we can see how Ahsoka and Lux went from distrusting one another to finding common ground between them. Soon afterward, they became friends.

Ahsoka Tano meets Lux Bonteri on Raxus Secundus [FULL HD] | Star Wars: The Clone Wars Scene

During the Clone Wars, Bonteri also allied with resistance fighters like Saw Gerrera to help lead the Onderon rebels, who fought against the Separatists to reclaim their homeworld.

With these actions, Lux and Ahsoka also grew closer.

Did Ahsoka Tano Ever Fall in Love?

If Ahsoka ever fell in love, the main person would have been Lux Bonteri. We can flush out two main views about their relationship.

One view posits that although they were attracted to one another, Lux and Ahsoka did not have a relationship, but stayed friends. Even though they found common ground, her background as a Jedi and his as a senator prevented them from going further with their relationship.

Ahsoka and Lux keeping it complicated for 8:28

Fan posts support this viewpoint, stating how Lux could be considered a “love interest” but not more than that. Ahsoka could have fallen in love with Lux but it did not materialize.

A second view suggests that this love interest with Lux came close to developing, but they remained only friends. This position highlights the kiss shared between Ahsoka and Lux as evidence that their relationship had become “more intense.”

This kiss could be seen as evidence that their love interest was a greater possibility than the first viewpoint indicates. This moment in Season 4 of The Clone Wars shows affection but it also seems like a quick way to disguise what they were talking about.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano & Lux Bonteri kiss [1080p]

How serious was the potential for love between them?

On the one hand, this kiss was momentary, their relationship never substantially develops along the lines of love. On the other hand, Lux Bonteri is Ahsoka’s love interest in The Clone Wars, so it may have more substance to it.

The above wiki page has a list of romantic indications between the two, including moments of flirting, happiness when reunited, and jealousy when Lux finds a new love interest.

Yet, in the end, their relationship did not follow the course of love. After their run-in and entanglement with the Death Watch, Ahsoka and Lux part ways. So, we could conclude that love was just not at hand.

Their departing scene seems sorrowful, but it could be just close friends leaving one another, as happens in Star Wars.

Lux Leaves Ahsoka (Star Wars The Clone Wars)

Ahsoka, Lux, and Love

Ahsoka could have possibly fallen in love with Lux Bonteri and vice versa. Their friendship seemed to veer in that direction. Yet, it fell short of love.

Lux as Ahsoka’s love interest could have been serious or not so serious. If it had true potential, it did not fully develop. It may be a case of lost love, but we will not know for sure.

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