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Deadpool vs. Spiderman: The Fight That Everyone’s Talking About in Movies and Comics!

Deadpool vs. Spiderman: The Fight That Everyone’s Talking About in Movies and Comics!

Deadpool and Spiderman look and act alike and are an interesting pair of characters. Both crack jokes and frequently use their wit. They have been both antagonists and partners.

Based on Spiderman’s appearance, Deadpool brings deadly fighting skills. Spiderman has legendary superpowers that run deep in Marvel history.

What would happen if the two battled it out? In the movies, we wait to see what would happen. But in the comics, they have already fought it out. Read more to find out what happens in the MCU and the comics.

Deadpool Strengths

The Merc with the Mouth is the witty mercenary who audiences came to know in the 2016 movie Deadpool. Yet, Deadpool was a comic character first from the early 1990s.

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Deadpool’s strengths start with superhuman dexterity, balance, coordination, and agility. His reflexes and durable body are also at the superhuman level.

The Merc is a skilled fighter with many forms of martial arts in his repertoire. He can also use grenades, knives, swords, and about any other weapon with ease.

Deadpool’s biggest strength, though, is his ability to heal from any wound at an accelerated rate. His healing ability has made it possible for him to survive a barrage of bullets, loss of limbs, and decapitation. The latter ability alone may make him immortal.

Deadpool can also withstand toxic chemicals and has a powerful immune system.

Yet, Deadpool does not have superhuman strength in the movies and a low level of superhuman strength in the comics. He is also unpredictable, and he does not always know his next move.

Further, Deadpool is known for his particular phobias: cows and clowns, which serve as another weakness.

These are weaknesses that Spiderman could exploit to win out over Deadpool.

Spiderman’s Strengths

Besides his web-slinging skills, Spiderman has superhuman strength. Estimates vary, but Spiderman can lift between 10 to 20 tons. With his bursts of strength, he can lift even more, like the Daily Bugle building or trains.

Spiderman can crawl on walls and move from building to building. He also has superhuman speed, flexibility, and an ability to quickly heal from injuries.

His spidey senses make him aware of dangers and give him the upper hand in combat. He is fast, strong, agile, a step ahead of his opponents, and he can wrap them up with webs.

Further, Spiderman has incredible night vision that is at a superhuman level and a camouflage ability that comes in handy in combat.

Spiderman has contended with Dr. Strange, one of the most powerful Marvel characters. Audiences saw the two face off in the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. Therefore, Spiderman can fight with the best of them.

However, Spiderman has weaknesses that include sometimes being too complacent, reckless, and acting like the teenager he is. Certain chemicals can also harm his spider senses.

These are areas that Deadpool could turn to his advantage, especially if he provokes him into a rash decision.

Deadpool vs. Spiderman in the Movies

In the Ultimate Spiderman animated series, Deadpool and Spiderman fought, which provides some indication of the result.

It ended up being a slap fight before Spiderman was pulled into Deadpool’s temporal reality and the battle was only in the latter’s mind. Yet, Spiderman won.

Some commentators about the Spiderman vs. Deadpool matchup also give the edge to the former because of Deadpool’s affection for Spiderman–Deadpool would never want to hurt Spiderman.

However, others disagree. One breakdown of a fight between the two based on the movies concludes that if Deadpool went for “the killing blow” then he would prevail against Spiderman. This isn’t far-fetched since Deadpool is a mercenary.

Spider-Man Vs Deadpool: Who Wins? Superhero Showdown!

Likewise, the above clip indicates how Spiderman is always trying to refrain from using his full powers and may be “too good for his own good.” Hence, if Deadpool goes on a full attack and Spiderman is not ready, Deadpool would win in the movies.

We will have to wait until next year to see if this occurs in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool vs. Spiderman in the Comics

deadpool comic book vs spiderman comic book

In the comics, the result may be the same. The two first intersect in the 1997 comic Deadpool #11. It takes time before they clash.

In the 2006 comic, Cable/Deadpool #24, Deadpool and Spiderman fight one another. Here the wise-cracking Merc appears to have the upper hand against a more straight-laced Spiderman when he throws the latter off a bridge.

A similar conclusion happens in 2016 Spider-Man/Deadpool #4 when Deadpool shoots Spiderman in the head in a gruesome manner. In this scenario, we see Deadpool’s deadly side.

Then again, Spiderman and Deadpool form a friendship and partnership in the comics. Deadpool’s “deep admiration” for Spiderman refrains this type of action too. This restraint could lead to Spiderman winning in the comics.

We should not discount Spiderman’s powers and fighting ability. As Marvel fans posted, Spiderman usually ends up beating or webbing up Deadpool.

Given Spiderman’s strengths in the comics, this seems like a more likely outcome. This is what happened in Spider-Man/Deadpool #14 when Spiderman lets his anger loose, stabs, and decapitates Deadpool with a sword.

So, Spiderman wins out, but Deadpool has healing power, which in the end makes him regenerate.

Deadpool and Spiderman

Deadpool’s healing power and mercenary fighting skills make him a strong adversary. Spiderman’s strength, speed, and web-slinging make him beyond formidable.

In the movies, a Deadpool and Spiderman matchup would probably result in Deadpool winning if he turned on his killer instinct.

In the comics, we have had mixed results, but Spiderman appears to have the advantage in taking Deadpool out.

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Jitendra Kumar Mishra

Friday 11th of August 2023

No never.Spidernan will become worst if he becomes angry hence,will kill Deadpool easily.Jay shree ram Jay Hanuman Jay Mahadev πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™